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Our most recent launch is Tutors

After every little while we are introducing new and better services. Just now we have introduced PapaCambridge Tutors platform which very smartly satisfies all its users (Students, Parents, Tutors and Employers).

Exam Resource Like No Other

It is not just about the exam material we are providing. For us, what matters is how we are providing. PapaCambridge has taken everything to another level.

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Exam Materials

Over a quarter million resource
  • Students
  • Teachers
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Need Of The Time

We saw nobody was providing tutor services the right way. PapaCambridge took that initiative and created a platform, which is very unique in its own way.

Tutor Services


A perfectly crafted platform for Tutors, Parents, Students and even Employers
  • Local Tuition
  • Online Tuition
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Cost Effective Advertising

Advertisement starts at only $49/month on a website used by millions of CAIE students.

PapaCambridge Advertising


Most cost effective way to reach CAIE audience.
  • Site wide advertisement
  • Targeted Advertisement
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Innovation for the good

We are rapidly innovating the education industry globally to bring into existence all those things, which sometimes is hard to imagine.

PapaCambridge has taken everything a step further. Really happy to see this familiar website bringing such huge changes in education.

Dorothy Jackson - User