Engineering: Single/Double Award J322, J344 Notes

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Engineering: Single/Double Award J322, J344 Notes

GCSE Engineering: Single/Double Award  Notes

Qualification update

We have made the difficult decision not to redevelop GCSE Engineering. However, you may be interested in our Cambridge Nationals in Engineering suite. They’re vocationally-related qualifications at GCSE level geared to key sector requirements.

  • Cambridge Nationals – Engineering Design Level 1/2 Award/Certificate – J831, J841
  • Cambridge Nationals – Engineering Manufacture Level 1/2 Award/Certificate – J832, J842
  • Cambridge Nationals – Principles in Engineering and Engineering Business Level 1/2 Award/Certificate – J830, J840
  • Cambridge Nationals – Systems Control in Engineering Level 1/2 Award/Certificate – J833, J843

Our innovative qualifications offer learners access to ‘real-life’ aspects of engineering practices. They also have the opportunity to work with a range of materials to manufacture useful, well-engineered and designed products.


  • A more flexible course that candidates can take as a single or double award
  • Active involvement for candidates in design, production and evaluation of products
  • Provides understanding of the methods by which products are engineered.

You may find the part useful :p 

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