Pre U Business & Management 9771 Past Papers

Pre U Business & Management 9771 About Pre U Business & Management Syllabus Cambridge Pre-U Business and Management develops an appreciation of the value of business activity, plus a practical understanding of how businesses operate and why business management decision-making is so important. The linear nature of the course means that more time is available

Pre U Chemistry 9791 Past Papers

Pre U Chemistry 9791 About Pre U Chemistry Syllabus Cambridge Pre-U Chemistry offers a practical and theoretical approach to the teaching of chemistry, developing learners' ability to solve chemical problems in varied contexts. Written with progression to university chemistry in mind, this course highlights the principles that unify the subject and seeks to examine them

Pre U Classical Greek 9787 Past Papers

Pre U Classical Greek 9787 About Pre U Classical Greek Syllabus Cambridge Pre-U Classical Greek has been developed to bridge the gap between school and university, and to equip learners with the skills needed to progress to university courses in Classical Greek. The syllabus encourages learners to read more widely, by studying classical Greek authors

Pre U Economics 9772 Past Papers

Pre U Economics 9772 About Pre U Economics Syllabus Cambridge Pre-U Economics gives learners a thorough and rigorous understanding of the theory that underpins the workings of a modern day economy. The course develops skills in evaluation and independent thinking, preparing learners well for university study. The linear structure gives teachers time to explore topics

Pre U English 9765 Past Papers

Pre U English 9765 About Pre U English Syllabus Cambridge Pre-U Literature in English encourages learners to read both closely and widely, to enjoy their reading and to be able to develop a critical and informed response to it. The intention is to create a balance of set texts and to encourage teachers and learners

Pre U French 1342 Past Papers

Pre U French 1342 About Pre U French Syllabus The Cambridge Pre-U Short Course in French enables learners to broaden their programmes beyond their major subject specialisms. It is a one-year course designed to follow GCSE or Cambridge IGCSE.  Cambridge Pre-U Short Courses in languages are designed for learners who want to continue with the

Pre U French 9779 Past Papers

Pre U French 9779 About Pre U French Syllabus Cambridge Pre-U offers a fresh and rewarding approach to teaching and learning modern foreign languages. It offers learners engaging courses that develop their confidence and acquisition of a language, and prepare them well for university. The syllabuses move away from an emphasis on classroom language towards

Pre U Further Mathematics 1348 Past Papers

Pre U Further Mathematics 1348 About Pre U Further Mathematics Syllabus The Cambridge Pre-U Further Mathematics Short Course is a one-year course for learners who wish to extend their studies beyond the Mathematics Principal Subject but not as far as the Further Mathematics Principal Subject - in a similar way to learners who take A

Pre U Further Mathematics 9795 Past Papers

Pre U Further Mathematics 9795 About Pre U Further Mathematics Syllabus Cambridge Pre-U Mathematics and Cambridge Pre-U Further Mathematics give learners an excellent foundation for using mathematics in higher education courses or other career pathways. They lead learners to acquire skills they can apply in a wide range of contexts. We have designed Cambridge Pre-U

Pre U Geography 9768 Past Papers

Pre U Geography 9768 About Pre U Geography Syllabus The Cambridge Pre-U Geography course equips learners with the skills required to make a success of their subsequent studies at university. There are four components: geographical issues, global environments, global themes and a research topic. Each component is assessed by a written examination. Over the two-year